Complete Etruscan Tour


It is possible to take an exciting Estruscan tours of Italy, following the tracks left by the ancient Italic civilization. A chauffeur-driven tour in the lands where the Etruscans founded the most important villages and city-states or Lucumonie, in other words in the wide area of Central Italy identified with the name of Etruria, is one of the many and interesting travel offers of the Tuscany Driver Luca Del Segato NCC Company.

Leaving from Tuscania, the ancient Latial city founded according to the myth by Ascanius, son of Aeneas, and then inhabited by the Etruscan people, you will visit the Madonna dell’Olivo Necropolis, to then be leaded in Vulci, one of the biggest sicty-state of Etruria. Going from Vulci to Tuscany, the tour carries you in Sovana and Pitigliano . Here you will visit the Citta’ del Tufo Archaeological Park, characterized by the presence of evocative paths in the middle of nature and roads excavated in the rock, the so called Vie Cave. Another stop of the tour will be the characteristic village of Vetulonia where you can admire the cyclopean Arce Walls.

From the Maremman hills, the tour continues in a private car to the Coast of the Etruscans, where you will find a very important city of the ancient world facing the Gulf of Barabatti: Populonia. Here they once worked metals coming from the Island of Elba. From the Tyrrhenian coasts you will go towards Pisa where you will find Volterra, a wonderful city of the Etruscan Dodecapoli famous for the extraction and the processing of alabaster. Last stops of the tour: the Etruscan excavations  in Cortona and the National Archaeological Museum of Chiusi.

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