Etruscan Tour in Tarquinia


This private car tour offered by Luca Del Segato Tuscany Driver allows you to visit Tarquinia discovering its history, importance and charm, even if you only have one day to travel. This city of Alto Lazio has been one of the most ancient and prestigious Etruscan Dodecapoli, especially between the end of 4th century and the beginning of 3rd century BC. It’s in this period that Tarquina faced its greatest territorial extension and economic flourishing, till it was conquered by the Romans in 281 BC.

The Etruscan tour, organized by our NCC company, provides as a first stop the Monterozzi Necropolis, about 3 km east from the new city. The ancient tombal frescoes show everyday life scenes with extreme realism, introducing the discovery of the fascinating Etruscan civilization. The precious finds, discovered in the area of Monterozzi hill and Civita plain, are now preserved in the National Archaeological Museum of Tarquinia, another essential stop of the Etruschi tour. Set in the Vitelleschi renaissance palace, the museum hosts, in its rich collection, the renowned couple of winged horses, terracotta high reliefs once placed on the “Ara della Regina”, the temple of Tarquinia’s acropolis.

The Etruscan Tarquinia tour will end with a short visit to the historical center of the city, that preserves interesting medieval architectures, like the Church of Santa Maria di Castello (1121-1208 AD). If you like history and want to visit all the main places in Etruria, browse our Etruscan tours webpage, where you can also find other interesting travel offers with private driver and car.

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