Perugia and Orvieto Tour


The private Umbria driver tour is thought for those who wish to visit in only one day two wonderful Italian cities of art: Perugia and Orvieto. The starting location is agreed with the company during the booking process.

The first stop of the tour is Perugia, capital city of the Region of Umbria. The city is placed on two hills, Colle Landone and Colle del Sole. The Etruscans were the first to inhabit it. In 3rd century BC the Romans conquered the city, that for the will of Emperor Augustus took the name “Augusta Perusia”. In the historical center there are many proofs of the ancient dominations: Roman, Byzantine, Lombard. However, the most important monuments date back to the Middle Ages, like the Fontana Maggiore (Greater Fountain) and the Palazzo dei Priori (Priori Palace). The latter is the seat of the National Gallery of Umbria, a museum that hosts great masterpieces by Perugino, Pinturicchio, Arnolfo di Cambio, Beato Angelico and other famous Italian artists. At the end of the gallery visit: lunch in a restaurant to taste typical specialities of Umbria.

In the afternoon: transfer by private car with driver from Perugia to Orvieto (approximate time 1 hour). From the windscreens you can admire charming landscape views, like the ones offered by the Parco Fluviale del Tevere (Tiber Fluvial Park). Orvieto, situated on a tuff cliff, has Etruscan origins, but presents a rich stratification of different testimonies. The most famous monuments are: the Pozzo di San Patrizio (St. Patrick’s Well), an engineering masterpiece from 16th century, and the Duomo di Orvieto (Orvieto Cathedral), a gothic cathedral of extraordinary beauty.

Feel free to contact us to receive further information about the tour and all the other proposals by Luca Del Segato Tuscany Driver to visit Umbria.

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